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About Mind Mapping

Why Use A 360 Mind  Map

I am using a 360 Mind Map to show relationships that extend beyond a parent child relationship.  An author can my also have a blog to accompany their book.  A medical practitioner may also be an author

Key Areas of My Map

Mind Maps are designed to operate how you think .


Parent Child Relationships

The hierarchy of the map is based on parent child relationships. The parent is the highest level of the hierarchy.


Jumps operate like your mind does, they allow for the creation of unique relationships.


The search bar allows you to explore in a different manner, type in three letters and option to explore appear. It's associated with every thought


Geographic Areas

I live in the Washington DC Metropolitan area so most of my resources are located there but there are ways to find resources from Michigan to Texas and points east and west


I know sometimes we complain about specialist but you are going to really going to need them on this journey.  Here are some you are likely to need



One your love one is in a sustainable condition go out and learn Most importantly, find support groups


Read Books

Books provide hope whether it's on the spiritual or medical level. Read to your loved one.  I started with poetry but it didn't work for us. I found a grove with
Up, Up and Away: How We Found Love, Faith, and a Lasting Marriage in the Entertainment World by Billy Davis and Marilyn McCoo.  It's also a time to go to classics like The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People  

Caregivers take Care of yourself

This is a marathon, you have to pace yourself. I have done both and believe me the rules apply.  You cannot do your best on fumes, you are doing you and your love one a disservice when you do.  Allow yourself to do things that you like to do that will allow you to recharge. 

If you feel you have done a lousy job so far, seek contrition and make the next day the best day of your journey.  I wish I had done a better job journaling.  I can't buy back yesterday so I let it go.  I am thankful for family, friends and work. All have been supportive. 

These six questions can guide you (Marshall Goldsmith):

Did I do my best to:

  1. Be happy?
  2. Find meaning?
  3. Build positive relationships?
  4. Be fully engaged?
  5. Set clear goals?
  6. Make progress toward goal achievement?  

Mind Mapping

I am passionate about mind maps, there isn't a one size fits all mind map so explore


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Hide Entry Author – Don't display the byline of a blog post. Useful for blogs with a single author.

Hide List Entry Footer – Don't display the footer (Comment + Like + Share) in blog list view.